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You’re planning your wedding. You’re drawn to the merits of eloping. You're entirely convinced that running off to marry in the Highlands of Scotland would be an incredible experience. You're in no doubt that exchanging your vows with only the surrounds of nature as witness would be profound. You’re adamant about avoiding a big fuss. However, you have a sense of unease about doing it solo. Cue the small, intimate wedding. The not quite elopement, the not quite large affair.

Many folks find their numbers expanding when planning a small, intimate wedding. Only a few folk nail it. G + J certainly did. They were strict with numbers and were able to achieve what they wanted for their wedding day. They managed to create a wedding which felt like an elopement and intimate affair in one. Much of their success lay in their choice of venue: Killiehuntly Cottage and Farmhouse. Located in Kingussie, it's nothing short of spectacular. You can read the full review of this unique venue HERE. As far as venues go, it’s one of the most remarkable spots in the Highlands because of its combination of tasteful luxury and rugged remoteness. 

From the outset, things were calm and peaceful. At no point was there any fuss or stress. Once ready, we made our way to the local registry office for the short ceremony. En route back to Killiehuntly Farmhouse, we stopped off at the impressive Ruthven Barracks. We were driving past it anyway so hopping out for a few minutes felt natural. Once back at Killiehuntly, we enjoyed a time of celebration: the whiskey was poured, the toasts were made, the cake was cut. Thereafter, we stole away from the group to connect with the spectacular surrounds. The landscape has a raw and rugged quality. Killiehuntly is in the Cairngorms National Park. Once outside of the farmhouse, we were transported instantly to a world far removed from the cosy neuk of Killiehuntly. Within minutes, the weather started to closing in: the rain met us, the wind whipped up, the skies darkened. It was a typical Scottish autumnal evening. Would we want it any other way? Absolutely not. It was Scotland at its finest.