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This post is entirely personal. It's about my family and how that plays out on a day to day basis. On the 19th March, we welcomed our baby girl to our family. A girl. Very unexpected. Not that it matters. She's healthy, happy + we're delighted.

Her pregnancy was hard going to say the least. There were times I didn't think we'd make it full term. There was unforeseen illness. Chronic insomnia. Utter exhaustion. Pain that kept me from adventures outdoors. To be at the other side is wonderful. There's a great sense of relief that we've made it through the pregnancy. There's a greater sense of joy at having embraced parenthood. I write this respectfully, aware that many of my friends can't conceive or are trying month after month, year after year to start the family they long for, or have lost a child. We're incredibly fortunate. 

Life with a 4 year old, a 2 year old, a 4 week old and a Pug is a whirlwind of chaos. We're sleep deprived. We get little time to ourselves. Our clothes are creased. The car is a mess. Would we change it? Of course not. It's one of life's most wonderful adventures. Rich + I are a team. Parenthood is a joint endeavour. In the carnage of our everyday, I reach for the camera to capture those moments otherwise whipped away by that whirlwind. 

Meet Hattie.