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Unusual wedding venues in Scotland | Ravensheugh Log Cabin

How many wedding venues can claim to have a clifftop, a forrest, a beach and incredible view? Not. A. Single. One. That's why Ravenshuegh Log Cabin is solidly one of Scotland's most unique wedding venues.

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Unusual Wedding Venues in Scotland | Errol Park, Perthshire

Errol Park is a Scottish residence dating back to 1747. Located in the heart of Perthshire, it's ideal for couples looking to plan a romantic Scottish wedding in a venue that’s versatile as well as supportive of the creative spirit.

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Scotland's Unusual Wedding Venues >> Advice by an Alternative Wedding Photographer

As an alternative wedding photographer, I love shooting in unusual wedding venues in Scotland. Alternative, unusual and quirky wedding venues are the ideal location for your wedding if you’re looking for something different. Here’s the Harper Scott Guide to Scotland’s unusual wedding venues.

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