12 Reasons To Have a Scotland Elopement


Scotland elopements are mega fabulous for many reasons. If you’re here, chances are you’ve passed the interested stage and are now fully invested in the idea. Figuring out how a Scottish elopement would actually work. Making loose plans. Perhaps you’ve already committed. Whatever point you’ve reached in the elopement planning stage, you’ve come to the right place. This wee guide gives you 12 solid reasons why you absolutely should go for that Scotland elopement you’re fantasising about.

 A bride and groom are sitting on a rock.

1. Your Elopement Can Be Anywhere in Scotland

Yep. Anywhere. From bustling cities to remote mountainous terrain, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Let’s now forget our Scottish castles, lochs and forrests, beaches. The options are endless. The wonderful thing about eloping to Scotland is you’re free to marry outdoors. You’re given a great deal of freedom as to the where which means you can have a truly memorable wedding ceremony.


2. Your Elopement Can Be Any Time in Scotland

Double yep. Any time. It’s kind of mind blowing when you think about it. Some couples go for sunrise ceremonies, others for sunset. A few choose night time. It’s up to you. Scotland gives you the freedom to decide your timings for your elopement.

 A couple are hugging

3. There’s Different Types of Wedding Ceremonies

There’s three types of wedding ceremony you can chose to have for your Scotland elopement: a registrar (civil marriage), a minister of the church (religious marriage) or humanist (spiritual marriage). Whichever you choose, you’ll need two witnesses. Speak to your celebrant if you’re unsure about this. Some couples ask strangers who happen to be in the local vicinity at that moment in time. Others will ask their photographer / videographer.

 celebrant holding the bride and groom's rings on a leaf

4. Cake For Two

Sharing your wedding cake with another 200 people reduces the chances of seconds. As for thirds, forget about it. If it’s only the two of you, the pair of you get to eat the entire cake yourselves. That’s the E.N.T.I.R.E cake. No sharing. For this reason, you must go all out. Scotland has some of the finest bakers. Some of the best are:

Big Bear Bakery

Three Sisters Bake

Love Laura Lane


5. Style Your Ceremony

If you’re having an intimate ceremony with only the two of you along with your celebrant, it’s worth considering styling your chosen spot. A little bit of detail can go a long way and create significant impact for your photos. There’s a few ways you can do this. Three striking, creative options are a living wall, teepee or geometric arch. Check out my Pinterest account for more inspo.


6. Incredible Wedding Photos Are Virtually Guaranteed

Scotland has it all. It’s no wonder so many of you choose to elope here. Glasgow and Edinburgh (along with St Andrews, Aberdeen, Dundee and everywhere in between) are vibrant and exciting cities to get married in. There’s so much old architecture, interesting features as well as super welcoming people. What Scotland’s best known for is its spectacular mountains, beaches, forrests and lochs. You’re hardest decision in the whole process will be deciding where to hold your ceremony.

7. It’s a Lot Less Nerve-Wracking

Leaving everyone behind, leaving the stress, the unnecessary faff means that you can focus on what matters. Yourselves. There’s a tangible difference in the energy of an elopement compared to that of a big, busy wedding. Elopements are intimate. Elopements are deeply emotion filled. Many elopers to Scotland stay in the same accommodation and get ready together. It’s a wildly stress free celebration of two people’s love.


8. There May Be Rain

There’s a high chance of this. Don’t be put off. Rainy elopements feel indescribably romantic.

 A bride and groom are walking in torrential rain during Glencoe elopement.

9. There May Be Wind

Again, don’t be put off. Wind means movement. In terms of elopement photography, this is guarantees your photos will be even more impactful and, most importantly, memorable.

 A bride's hair is being blown in the wind.

10. There May Even Be Sun

Scotland looks hauntingly beautiful in the rain, so imagine how incredible it is when the clouds part and the sun comes out. Bring your sunglasses and suncream just incase. Another point to note is that it’s not uncommon to experience four seasons in one day. There can be rain, hail, wind and sun in the height of summer. Similarly, there can be calm blue skies in winter. Plan for all weather conditions when eloping to Scotland.


11. There’s Photographers & Film Makers Who Specialise in Elopements

Scotland elopements appeal to many. I mean, who doesn’t love the thought of running away to marry your loved one, leaving the bells and whistles of a grand affair behind? Because of the immense diversity of landscape, vibrancy of cities and openness to accommodate unique ceremony location timings and locations, it unsurprising so many of you make it your elopement destination of choice. As a result, you’ll find there’s photographers like myself who are intimate with the elopement vibe. It’s a very different tone to a bigger wedding and booking a wedding photographer and film maker who’s comfortable with this is essential to securing awesome photographs. Here’s a few killer elopements I’ve shot over the last couple of years:

As for film makers, one of the best elopement film makers is Cinemate. Their epic cinematic style is perfect for the soulful elopers. Another fabulous choice is Barry of Wild Pines. His company is niche and only shoots eloping couples to Scotland.

 An elegant bride is smiling at her husband who is hugging her.

12. You Can Hire a Scottish Elopement Planner

Isn’t this cool? Because of how many couples elope to Scotland, we have wedding planners whose only focus is in Scottish elopements! Planning a wedding from overseas can be daunting but working with a local wedding planner is the best way to make the process effortless and enjoyable. A Scottish wedding elopement planner will help you arrange the legal side of things as well as help source suppliers. Check out:

Wildly Authentic Elopements


13. Bonus Reason: Eloping Means You Can Make a Surprise Announcement

This is where it all becomes even more real. The elopement announcement. Imagine the reaction of your nearest and dearest when they receive your marriage notice. Most couples wait until their photographer gives them a couple of photos. When it’s an elopement, you can expect your photographer to send you a photo or two within 24 hours to allow you to make things public.

 Elopement announcement