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You're in wedding planning mode. You're slightly overwhelmed by the volume of decisions you're having to make. If you're firmly routed in the smaller, intimate genre of wedding then this is the post for you. Be confident in this decision. Don't let the nay sayers put doubts in your mind. This wedding is about the commitment you're making to one another. If you were initially confident that you wanted a stripped down affair, stick by it. That's one decision to tick off that proverbial list. 

Perhaps you're unsure of where to start in terms of sourcing your wedding venue. It just so happens that I've written a handy series on this topic: Unusual Wedding Venues of Scotland: The Ultimate Guide. There's venues to suit the elopement as well as the smaller, more intimate affairs. Be sure to check out this Killiehuntly Farmhouse wedding - Georgina + John nailed it. 

One of the many benefits of planning a small wedding is that you can invest your budget into the things you place real value on. For some, that will be photography, other may choose a venue they'd never otherwise afford were the numbers to be unwieldy. You might find the styling + detail boards on my PINTEREST page a handy guide for how to style your wedding coming back to channelling those precious funds. Some folks opt for DIY; others like to outsource + go high end. At least with a smaller, more intimate wedding, you have more control over these types of decisions. 

Now, here's a lovely example of a couple who managed to create a beautifully, serene intimate wedding. A wedding which struck a perfect balance of intimacy + group celebration.