Groom Style: Wedding Outfits for the Stylish Groom



Overview of Groom Style Inspo by Harper Scott Photo. 


Groom style. It’s a thing. A big thing. So it should be. From wedding suits to men’s tartan trews, here’s advice from an alternative wedding photographer. If you’re unsure what to wear, you'll find this post a really useful starting point.  


Hurrah! Grooms are taking centre stage. The stylish, modern groom is now a fixed feature of the modern Scottish wedding. It’s about blooming’ time. There’s wonderful choice of wedding menswear. Added to that, if you're Scottish, or marrying in Scotland, you also have to think about whether you want to incorporate tartan into what you wear on your wedding day. Beyond that, you'll find there's plenty choice when it comes to wedding attire for men.

 A groom with a suit and bow tie sits laughing on a sofa


Grooms - looking amazing has never been easier. Whatever you choose, be sure it's tailored to you and that your shirt is new and fits perfectly. Beyond that, there's no rules. You'll need to consider the seasonal impact on your attire. Few grooms opt for a three piece tweed suit for their summer wedding in Southern Italy!

On that note, the three piece suit is a great way to mix colours and textures; given that you can mix and match the combinations of trouser, jacket and waistcoat fabrics to either add a splash of colour or pattern, or to ground an otherwise bold pattern or hue. You might want to opt for a check rather than a single plain colour. Bring a little bit of Scotland into your attire with tweed. Hiring from reputable tailors like Jack Bunneys is also great option if you want super suits without breaking the bank. The morning suit is a traditional choice consisting of a tailcoat, waistcoat, and striped trousers. Most often seen at Ascot or at aristocratic weddings. Morning suits tend only be worn for noon or early afternoon weddings. Alternatively, you might want to consider going black tie. On that front, there's been a revival of the velvet dinner jacket. Prince Harry was the latest to pull the look off with exceptional grace. On a budget? This black Tux jacket by M&S is the perfect pairing to a sharp black tie. For suit hire, check out the Ritz range. So dapper.


“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

Oscar Wilde



It’s possible to have killer grooms style with a kilt. Kilts provide you with a wonderful option to personalise. You can have your own kilt made for you and you can choose your own tartan. Usually, the tartan will link to your family name. With kilts, you have a varied range of tartans and unique accessorising features to ensure you make it your own. Scotland and the kilt might go hand-in-hand, but tartan trews play an equally big part in our tradition. Dating back to the 1530s, tartan trews were normally worn by Highlanders when the kilt just didn't cut it in the cold winter months. Modern tartan trews are a great alternative for anyone who doesn't want to go kilted but still wants to wear a traditional Scottish outfit.



How you choose to accessorise your suit is another way to inject personality and can ensure you stand out from the crowd. A moderately priced off the peg suit can look a million times better if accessorised in the right way. One of the simplest additions is the WAISTCOAT. Three-piece suits are really popular at the moment and there is a reason for this, they look smart and sophisticated but also allow you to play with combinations and colour contrasts. The POCKET WATCH CHAIN (remember you don’t actually need to have an actual pocket watch!) is another subtle accessory that adds grandeur and with so many chain colours styles and thicknesses you can find one that reflects you. BRACES are great for jacket off groomsmen photo antics, as is the classic colour pop sock shot. HATS can work IF they suit you. On that note, hat hair is not a good wedding day look but if you’ve got short hair it can be a very cool statement. As for BOWTIESMrs Bowtie is your go-to. I've met countless grooms who recommend them.