Relaxed Garden Wedding with Boho Bride


Seb’s family estate felt like a world away from the world. Nestled discreetly within their own little pocket of Edinburgh, their life is one which celebrates the wonders and diversity of our natural wildnerness. His mother is an incredibly gifted gardener. Incredible. An entire gallery could be devoted to showcasing her handiwork. It was only right their wedding day be held within the grounds of their shared estate. Indeed, it provided the perfect backdrop to their laidback garden wedding with boho vibe. Claire, a literary loving Texan who fell for the Scot’s charm while holidaying in Scotland, has rooted herself here. It’s her home and Seb’s family have embraced her as their own. This wedding day, like every wedding day, began their new chapter. Seb and Claire’s union is one of two souls being united as well as two families although separated by an ocean are united by a deep affinity, love and affection for this wonderfully warm couple.

Suppliers: a range of Seb + Claire’s friends and family.