The Glasgow Art Club: a Beautiful Urban Wedding Venue




The Glasgow Art Club was founded in 1867 and is a private member’s club steeped in culture and heritage. Located in the heart of the city, it’s been a meeting place for generations of Glasgow’s most innovation and creative inhabitants. It’s such a cool place. From the outside, you’d never think it had the expanse of rooms and impressive gallery that’s tucked behind the unassuming entrance. Oh. It can accommodate up to 100 guests.



1. Overall Character

The Glasgow Art Club holds its own. Couples looking for a DIY wedding venue may find this won’t be the spot to realise the Pinterest dream. Once you enter the elegant Georgian terraced building, you’ll find its packed with original features and personality so it doesn’t really need dressing up. It’s a venue for the stylish, artistic community for sure.



2. The Studio

The Glasgow Art Club is a bonafide creative space. Real artists actually use it. They engage in the space regularly. This is apparent everywhere you go in the building. However, the studio is perhaps the most energetic room of all. If you hold your wedding there, you could get access to the loft space where the studio is homed. The light in there is beautiful and with the right photographer, you’d get some incredible photographs to remember your day by.


3. The Gallery

When you walk into the the gallery, it’s quite a surprise. You don’t expect the airy expanse: there’s a high ceiling with a generous amount of glass which lets in a load of light pour in. The room feels light and spacious which contrasts nicely with the heavier, darker colours of the walls and hard wood. The gallery has undergone a complete renovation including the reinstatement of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh frieze acts as a ‘nest’. It’s a beautiful, large bright open space and the largest room in the entire building. There’s even an impressive fireplace at each end of the hall. A variety of art work hangs on the walls so you’re very aware of it being a living, breathing, creative space. It’s such a cool place to host a wedding reception.




Urban | Creative | Classic





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