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For the most part, these venue reviews are (relatively…*cough cough*) objective. However, this review is written entirely from a perspective of adoration. I shot my Cambo House wedding recently and my mind was blown with how incredible it is. Bear in mind, I only commit to weddings that are in alternative spaces so I’m well-versed with the unusual wedding venues of Scotland. Really, Cambo Country House & Estate is, hands-down, my all-time favourite non-city location.

Enough of this spurious love fest. Let’s get down to business. Here’s the quick overview: the 1200 acre estate is not a traditional exclusive use wedding venue. The owners still occupy the ground floor of the house and the vast grounds are used for a range of other purposes. That said, you’ll be given a high level of privacy in all the areas you choose to make use of. There’s 7 options for your reception and no less than 8 for your ceremony. Weddings at Cambo Country House & Estate are all-in celebrations because they last Friday to Monday and include accommodation and a host of other facilities on the estate, such as one of Scotlands finest walled gardens. Tempted? Read on….


1. Quintessentially Cambo

Let’s take a moment to talk style. When going with a hotel chain, you know what you’re getting. In theory, they should each be a carbon copy. It’s a safe option. Arguably, celebrating your wedding in another family’s home can be an exciting departure from that. It’s unique. One of a kind. You can guarantee your guests won’t have been anywhere like it before. That’s a pretty cool experience to share in. As for Cambo, the estate has been in the Erskine family since the late 1670s and has evolved over the years. It’s currently the family business and is currently run and occupied by Struan and Frances Erskine. Perhaps a stand out feature is the courtyard where you’ll find the Cambolicious bar. It’s a maximilist’s dream, comprising of a range of eclectic details - the combination of which are bizarre but perfectly aligned!


2. The Mansion

Cambo Country House is a Victorian mansion. There’s 17 beautiful bedrooms, individually styled. There’s a luxury glamping area a stone’s throw from the main house too. This means that you have plenty of space for overnight guests and no immediate neighbours to complain about noise! You’ll be impressed by the personal feel of the house. It’s definitely a lived-in family home. It’s immersed with personal effects including family photographs and art work. Unlike some stately homes, it feels warm and welcoming; very much a space that’s being loaned to you in the most hospitable of ways.


3. The Grounds

In a word, they’re incredible. It’s worth repeating that it’s a 1200 acre estate. There’s a combination of perfectly manicured gardens, walled garden, wild flowers and everything else in between. It’s sprawling and enchanting. There’s no end to outdoor ceremony options which can work in all weather.



Outdoor Ceremony Options | Walled Garden | On-site accommodation | Spacious | Super-Friendly Staff






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