Skype Elopement at Duntulum Castle + Sligachan


Skye elopements are always emotive experiences. Perhaps it’s the incredible ruggedness of the landscape. Perhaps it’s the rawness of the weather. Perhaps it’s the qualities encapsulated by the kind of folks who choose to marry in this kind of environment. I’m inclined to think it’s the combination of all three of those things.

Tess + Yates knew they wanted an intimate wedding. It made complete sense to them to pack their bags, fly across the Atlantic and elope to Scotland. The couple opted for an early morning ceremony to avoid the tourists as well as to bag some of that fabulous morning Skye light (*insert jumping for joy gif). Whilst walking over to where they’d make their vows, just below Duntulum Castle, the hail, wind and rain made an entrance. It was properly wild to begin with. Thankfully the hail + rain passed by and we made a start. Tess + Yates’ ceremony was conducted by the lovely Penelope. She included the traditional Scottish customs of hand-fastening and sharing a dram from a quaich. Afterwards, we stopped into the Flodigarry for breakfast before heading to Sligachan for a daunder.

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