Brodie >> 5 Days Old




120 hours on our planet.

A gloriously new human.

He’s beyond loved by the elated folks who welcomed him into their family. His family. Sleep deprived and spinning heads. No matter. He’s here, in their arms. Forever in their care. He will grow all too quickly. Walking, talking and keeping up with his busy brother. For now, these moments are here. They are treasured. Forever immortalised by these photos.



With Honesty

It's a joy to photograph newbornsbabies + families. My approach is simple. I’m all for documenting your family as naturally as possible. There won’t be any babies in baskets, weird bows or creepy outfits. There's no bright studio lights or seamless white paper backdrops. I specialise in clean, modern, documentary photography. Told you it was simple.


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