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The earth laughs in flowers.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Laughs at The Cow Shed

Of all the details involved on a wedding day, flowers are my favourite. Injecting a BLAST OF COLOUR into what is a most celebratory of days, they are the SILENT MOTIF to all that unfolds. They lift an already cheerful mood. On a day where nerves can overpower, they give those with roles something to hold. They're an all round winner.  

Groomsmen at Altskeith House, Loch Lomond;  Button holes by Briar Rose

Whether you're planning a stripped back elopement or grand affair, be sure to give due consideration to how you want your flowers to REFLECT YOUR COLLECTIVE IDENTITY for they will CONVEY MOOD more concisely than many other details builT into your day.

Wedding cake at the Flodigarry, Skye. 

Cake by Big Bear Bakery + flowers by Floral Menagerie


I'm obsessive in my approach to wedding flowers. I always try to ensure the floristry is worked into my shots ORGANICALLY. They shouldn't become a separate thing, an add on, an awkward cadence to the flow of the day. In my mind, they are CENTRAL to the day and should not be side-lined. 

Floral crown by Briar Rose

Your flowers will hold their own against any epic back drop that may feature on your day. Samantha and Tobi opted for an intimate wedding on Skye. They spent some time wandering around the grand yet melancholy Quiraing. Whilst Sam's bridal bouquet took a battering from the wind and rain, you'll see that they add a lovely ACCENT OF CONTRASTIVE COLOUR to the scene. The best part of is that it was all spontaneous! 


Melanie, the genius behind Briar Rose, is based in Fintry but travels here, there and everywhere delivering her impressive creations. Her floral designs are worked into a relaxed and loose style which suit the alternative couple looking for something more UNCONVENTIONAL.

Here's Melanie's justification of dedicating some of your budget to flowers:

"It's understandable why many folks don't want to spend money money on flowers for a period of a day. This is a valid concern. However, consider this argument in context: almost everything involving your wedding day is for a short period of time - your dress, your food, your hair and make up, your wedding band. 

Unless you're a Kim Kardashian or Elton John, there are few moments in life when you'll get to ENJOY an array of flowers in one place. The added bonus is that they're all for you to enjoy! Sure, they're a luxury item but a luxury item with purpose: they help to establish the LOOK AND FEEL l of your wedding; they are also essential in cementing your COLOUR PALETTE.

Flowers will make the difference in "blank slate" venues such as barns, warehouses and other locations requiring to be dressed. It goes without saying that your floral choice will be immortalised through your beautiful photography so although they don't last forever, you can enjoy them by way of your photographs for the years to come. 

Your flowers are also a great way to THANK your friends and family as you can give your table centrepieces, bouquets and the like to them after your wedding day. They'll be able to enjoy them for about a week after your wedding.

You flowers will mark your day as something truly special and unique. Of course, you can buy a bunch of tulips from the supermarket any day of the week but having a professionally designed flower arrangement made to suit your tastes and needs is not something people routinely spend on themselves. Enjoy them!"

Thanks Melanie!


Whether you're reading this post from Italy, Spain or Dubai, you'll be sure to find creative floristry options near to you. It's worthwhile going along to their studio to discuss your vision and budget for your day. 

If you're planning a Scottish based wedding or elopement, I know a number of incredibly TALENTED florists personally. I've also had the pleasure of working with them directly. Connect with them to discuss your plans. They'll be able to create something wonderful: 

Briar Rose


Wild Gorse

Floral Menagerie

Betty Bluebell

The Secret Garden


Go forth and make your wedding thoroughly creative with wild flowers, crazy colours and all things wonderful. You only live once.