Relaxed Family Photo Session


Hello. There’s a family I’d love to introduce you to. Rory. Aged four. James. Aged over four. Emma. Also over four.  James and Emma are his parents. They adore this happy, spirited little lad they call son. 

...a lad who’s growing at a rate faster they can barely keep up with. A lad who’s learning about the importance of caring for our world. Taking responsibility for our surrounds. If only there were more of him. More folks like his parents who sing that all important song of sustainability. Treading lightly. Feeding the birds. Loving the earth. Our session was wonderful. It was wonderful because they’re so natural with each other. What does that even mean? To me, it speaks of a family who are living their best life. Who enjoy being in each other’s company. Who make time to be with each other. Talking. Reading. Playing games. Talking some more. From my perspective, it was an easy session. I positioned them in nice light, stood back and let this snippet of their life unfold.  Let this moment of their lives unfold. 

Ready for it? Enjoy.