Why you need confetti on your wedding day >> Advice by an alternative wedding photographer


Welcome to confetti 101 by alternative wedding photographer, Harper Scott Photo. This guide provides you with convincing reasons for incorporating a wild confetti throw into your day as well as the best type to use, supplier shout out, confetti calculator + advice on throwing technique. 



1. Kick Start Your Party

The confetti throw marks the end of the formal ceremony and the start of the wedding day celebrations. Bring on the Champagne and start your marriage in style! 


2. Everyone is Involved

Confetti is a throughly democratic activity. It's something every single guest can participate in. Making your guests feel included will have a tremendously positive impact on the overall mood of your day. 


3. It Makes For Some of the Best Photos

The confetti throw is a photographer's paradise. As long as your photographer goes with the flow of movement + grabs an optimum position, the photographs will be packed with beaming smiles as well as beautiful textures + tones. 


4. Colour. Colour. Colour. 

Confetti injects a blast of colour into any backdrop or weather situation. Consequently, it's just so pretty looking. 


5. It's Incredible Fun

Think unbridled joy. Think hearty laughter. There will be few points in your wedding day that will contain as much energy as the confetti throw. 

>>What’s the Best Type of Confetti to Use?

There are different types of natural petals that can be used for confetti. The best for throwing are small petals such as delphinium or wild flower petals as they are light, which means they fall delicately and slowly. Smaller petals rather than large ones such as roses or hydrangeas will ensure your photographer has plenty of time to capture the magical moment. However, if you are set on a colour only available in larger petals, you can add these to smaller petals to give a colourful, textured effect to your photos.


>> How Should Confetti Be Thrown?

Make sure your guests know how to throw! This might sound ridiculous. You'd like to assume everyone knows how to throw. Don't. Confetti needs a little gentle coaching. You only get one chance. The key in a perfect confetti photo is in the throwing. Throwees*need to stand close to each other + throw as high as they can. so will create a perfect flutter. 

*made up word


>> How Much Confetti Do We Need?

Funny you should ask. Here's a handy little confetti calculator to help you figure out the quantity you'll need. In short, however much you think you need, get extra. The key to a successful confetti throw is having copious amounts of confetti. You need to be covered in the stuff. Buried ideally. 


>> Can Confetti Be Sustainable?

Be considerate to our planet + opt for biodegradable confetti. Struggling to source this. Make your fist stop Shropshire Petals. They supply biodegradable delphinium + wildflower petals which are handpicked + handpacked on their Shropshire Farm.

Go a step further + reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding confetti cones which are discarded after a single use. I rather liked Adam + Trevor's wicker baskets. Guests took a generous handful before taking up their position in the aisle. 

 A basket full of confetti.

>>Tips On Organising a Confetti Throw

Typically, your photographer is the person best placed to organise this. They'll help co-ordinate your guests. Your photographer can also instruct guests on the width between the lines if you're having a confetti aisle. If you're having an aisle, be sure to walk slowly and to look up for your photographer. 

 Gold confetti litters the red carpet and contrasts with the bridesmaids violet coloured shoes and dresses.


I'm Carole-Ann; boss lady at Harper Scott Photo and exceptionally well versed in the world of the off beat, creative + unconventional wedding. My aim is to help you with your hunt through the internet to find authentic inspiration about where best to hold your wedding. I'd recommend my Definitive Guide to Scotland's most unique wedding venues.