Modern Wedding Photography for the Alternative Couple…2018 Round Up

Modern wedding photography. Alternative wedding photography. Creative wedding photography. Call it what you like. Regardless of tag line, Harper Scott Photo delivers the kind of thing you’ll actually want to show people. Turns out more of us are getting fed up with the fake stuff. More of us are getting fed up with photos that don’t look or feel like us. More of us want something that feels alive; something that doesn’t resemble a dry political manifesto. 

2018 has been such fun. Following lots and lots of snow and then the birth of our teeny, tiny Hattie girl (baby number 3…yay) in March, I started shooting weddings 6 weeks later. Thanks to all of you who accommodated us. Yep, she was brought along during meal times so that I could feed her. Hurrah for flexible working. 

Back to the exceptional weddings of 2018. Every single wedding was brilliant because every couple who booked with Harper Scott Photo was as individual as individual gets. It’s genuinely really difficult to tally up highlights from a year with Harper Scott Photo couples. There were countless more eyebrow raising, heart skipping moments. Think locally sourced wild flowers, think conga line out of the ceremony venue, lochside elopement in torrential wind and rain, tropical summer temperatures, candle light ceremony at 9pm, wandering round the back streets of Edinburgh’s Old Town, Glencoe in perfect Golden Hour light, Glencoe in the wild wind and rain. 

In the end, what 2018 came down to was the realness of the couples I worked with. The one thing that united them was their desire to be themselves. They all loved each other madly and wanted to celebrate that in the way most meaningful to them. They all wanted their wedding days to be fun and memorable. Looking back over these incredible weddings, I have to say, they nailed it. 

To everyone who booked me in 2018 – thank you. To everyone who has booked me for 2019 – thank you.