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2013 was a monumental year. It heralded the release of Disney's Frozen, Beyonce lip synced the national anthem, Gareth sustained a monkey bite during an otherwise innocuous vacation to Thailand. Whilst Gareth would argue it was a near death experience, his best man cast such claims aside. Regardless, Annie empathised with his situation following their initial meeting on a boat trip. She tended to him in his 'darkest' hour. They said their goodbyes. Returned to their respective countries of abode. Maintained their connection by Facebook. The rest is history.

Now living in Gareth's homeland of New Zealand, the pair choose the impressive Lochnell Castle to host their relaxed and stylish wedding. Friends travelled from around the world to celebrate with the couple and their family. From the outset, it was clear everyone held a deep affection for the spirited couple and wanted to celebrate with vigour.