Edinburgh Elopement >> City Chambers | Alternative Wedding Photography

Wedding Type: Elopement

Yep. An elopement in it's purest sense. 

There's something special when two individual decide to marry each other without any of the fittings of a grand-scale wedding. Tim + Meghan choose to elope. It's a personal decision. No rights and wrongs. For what it's worth, I felt honoured to share in this intimate moment with them. 

When Did they Book? 

One month prior to their wedding date. Typically folks who elope book with Harper Scott Photo a few weeks to a couple of months in advance of their planned date. it's one of the advantages of eloping. There's less to organise and you needn't plan quite as far as in advance. 

Real Wedding Focus: Meghan + Tim | Edinburgh City Centre

The delightful Tim and Meghan eloped with the view of throwing a larger scaled celebration at another date. They opted for the Edinburgh City Chambers to hold their intimate ceremony. I arrived to meet them for the first time thirty minutes before their ceremony commenced. They were excited and upbeat. No wonder. They had a perfect June weather. The skies were brilliant blue and there was a warmth in the air reminding us that summer was around the corner. 

Tim wore a dark navy suit and matching tie. Meghan's knee-lace dress was a simple and elegant piece from Oasis. They looked stylish without being overly weddingy. Meghan's mother surprised them with a beautiful bridal bouquet and button hole. With these in place, the pair were wedding ready. 

The ceremony itself lasted around 20 minutes. Tim + Meghan beamed throughout. A happier pair you'd struggle to find. Afterwards, we spent about 45 mins absorbing what had just happened and I was able to create some of the most relaxed and joyous couple portraits I've made in a while.