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The weather seems to feature in my writing more often than my couples' stunning outfits or cracking ceilidh bands. Perhaps it's because I'm Scottish and recognise how embedded the elusive fair day is to our national psyche. Perhaps it's because as a wedding photographer it's frustrating to hear some folks write off a fine day to me as being a bad day to them. Indeed, it's interesting to note how much of the conversation of guests centre around their relief of sun-splitting-the-sky-kind-of-weather when, in unfortunate reality, everyone around them is pulling facial expressions I dare not share in the final edit. It's also interesting to note how little of the conversation between my bride and grooms centre upon our meteorological fate. Perhaps it's because their focus is rooted on their personal destiny and commitment to one another. Those most focused on that far greater principle tune out to the weather and into each other. 

Neil + Rebecca's wedding was, for all intents purposes, on a truly rotten day...weatherwise. This didn't manifest itself in their conversation with me, each other, with their family or with their guests. They were swept up with the enjoyment of their wedding day; poured their emotion to enjoying the company of those around them; engulfed in each other and to their commitment to marriage. Theirs was a truly lovely day. 


Venue: Fonab Castle

Flowers: Floral Menagerie

Cake: Big Bear Bakery

Hair: Urban Hair

Make Up Artist: Sophie Edwards

Photo Booth: Bygone

Band: Sneaky Treacle