Are you a new photographer looking to make your mark in the family / wedding photography world? Perhaps you’ve been in the business for a while but it’s not going so well? You’ve done numerous workshops, they’re great but, it’s still not working?



Imagine a part time college training but with personal touch, with the teacher who’s a full time working family + wedding photographer. Think photography skills, think business skills. That’s what this training is about. 

  • Initial consultation ( in person or online ).

Full review of your your portfolio, website, brand, social media presence etc. We will work on the plan for the next 3 months that will focus on your weak and strong points. It’s kind of one “day workshop” where I will show you my of approaching different aspects of being a photographer, from the way I shoot, to my workflow and business strategy.

  • 2 Skype meetings per month (can be in person if our schedules allow)

In short, we will discuss everything that needs the be addressed. The topics can vary from editing your last session to branding, to blogging, to SEO. You name it, and we will find a solution together.

  • The opportunity to work alongside me at the wedding.

The chance to see my real life approach to photographing weddings. You get to keep your images of course, and we will do a full review of your material after the wedding.


Everyone. It does not matter if you’re a full time wedding photographer with 200 weddings experience, or you haven’t photographed a wedding before.


First of all, look at it as an investment. Not the financial one, although one of the goals of the mentorship is to help you to move your business to a more attractive market. Think about the investment in yourself – doing what you love, working with clients that understand and value your craft.
The cost is £600. It can be paid in a variety of ways. Whatever suits you.


To find out more contact me through here.

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