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Dubai based, the Doust family were a family of five, until last November. I include Penny, their Saluki, in this count. 

Last November, a momentous event occurred in their lives which would change their course forever more. Susannah. This vibrant, warm-hearted family started their personal journey of adoption from their home in Dubai. Like all adoptive parents soon experience, the process involved a high degree of commitment, patience and emotional cost. Last November, they received the long awaited news that they could go to Addis Abba, to bring their daughter home.

Incidentally, this time two year ago, we were living in Kenya with our son Munro. We had the pleasure of making a trip to Ethiopia - a country rich in history. Read the post here.

I digress. 

Our paths cross in January. They invited me to document a moment in their lives. I'm delighted to share this moment with you, my friends. 

Family Photo Session >> Gleneagles | Alternative Family Photographer

I'm delighted to work beyond the confines of the boxy studio for my family sessions. Children have a natural resistance to containment. Indeed, I'm thoroughly uncomfortable asking them to be at ease in, for want of a better description, a foreign and sterile environment, in an attempt to tease a toothy grin or two from them. Far better to be outside and allow them to embrace their familiar and explore the unknown. Of course, the proverbial door is flung open to a whole lot of unpredictable crazy. That's fine. Crazy is desirable when documenting families. It's the reality of many of our lives. It's an energy we should embrace. Therein lies the essence of our family life. 

Newborn Photography Session >> Edinburgh | Alternative Photography

As a mother of two very young boys, I find my absence from photographs irksome...I'm a FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER! In reality, I'm resigned to the proverbial grainy iphone selfie backset; the 'almost in focus' capture; the eyes half open facial expression. Of course, I'm entirely grateful for each and every one of them. It's a memory of our time together. 

It's out of this that I'm introducing my 'Only Mum' Sessions. No dads. No grandparents. Only mum. As mothers, we seldom do anything for ourselves. We never have the time.

Take the time.

Take the time to invite me to your home to capture some of those incredibly beautiful and hurried moments between you and your child / children. Allow me to be your second set of eyes.

Edinburgh >> Family Session |Alternative Photography

Nairobi, Kenya >> Family Session |Alternative Photography

Nairobi, Kenya >> Family Session |Alternative Photography